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Kiran Kiran
The hill station Kausani would be much poorer without Kiran. He is running there a small restaurant and provides tourist not only with food and a great view of the impressive himalaya range but also with information about his personal hobby, the stars.

"I would advice everyone to come to Kausani and feel the beauty of this place."

Where are you born? What do you like of this town/area/country? I was born in the hills, near Ranikhet, in a very small village named Panwadyokhan, with no electricity an not any type of modern lifestyle.

I liked to live in the village. I was free abaut studying, haven`t had any big burden like the children have in the cities today. Of course there was some village work like bringing wood, working at the field, but everything was so naturally. Children in small villages develop so naturally. They are learning at home. My feelings about my own childhood is that it was very free. Up to the 5th class when I started to go to school I felt very free. When I was ten years old we moved to Delhi.

About India I like the diversity, the different religions and customs. It`s like a whole world in one country. In India there are big cities and also remote villages with traditional live.

Where do you live now? What do you like about this town/area? Nowadays I live half of the year in Delhi and half of the year in Kausani. My family lives in Delhi, only for the school holidays they join me in Kausani. I like the Hill Area. It is a beautyfull landscape. In Kausani I also like the visitors from all over the world.

Delhi ist busy. It is worst, polluted also socially. There is nothing positive. The people are scared and busy. There is no attachment between the people. But our two children are going to school at Delhi. I have one son, 15 years old, and one daughter, 13 years old. When they will go for higher education, maybe to Puna or Bangalore, we will leave Delhi and we will live in Kausani for the whole year.

Do you have an idea of Germany? I know that there was a reunification. I like this very much. All over the world a lot of countrys fell into parts, they want to seperate from eachothers. But this is not good, because some parts may have things the other parts need and vice versa. It is better to stick together.
What do you like to celebrate? What is your favorite holiday or celebrating occasion? My Marriage Anniversary I like the most. It`s the 6th of may and at this time there are school holidays so we can cellebrate all together in Kausani. A lot of other festivals my family and me cannot join together.
Have you travelled before? My farest travel was a South India tour for 20 days in 1994. My favorite travels were to Jammu Kashmir, Srinagar. I went there about 10 times when I worked for a tea company. It is so beautyful. It is like heaven on earth. The village life, the very fine handicraft and the amazing landscape.
Where would you like to go next? Some of my family members are settling in the USA, Philadelphia. But it is very difficult to get a visa, so maybe Germany.
What means of transportations do you normally use? With my motorbike and with the train. From Kausani to Delhi it takes about 12 hours.
Do you live with other people? In Delhi I live with my mother, my wife and my two children.

In Kausani I live with my staff, three to seven people depending on the season.

What are you doing in your leisure time? Astronomy is my hobby. I search for informations in the internet. With my family I like to travel, make picknicks. In Delhi we like to go to international trade faires. We like to see the latest developments.
What event during the last week was especially nice? A marriage of family friends close to Kausani. The ceremony last the whole night.
Which very good experience did or do you enjoy in your life? A turning point in my life was the time I started business in Kausani. It became a wish while I was travelling through the mountains. At the 30st march I started travelling to Kausani, at the 31st march I arrived, and the 1st April 1996 was the opening day of the Hill Queen Restaurant under my management. I am back to the hills!
Do you have one or more special wishes? I want to be aware of bad habits, like drinking liquor and smoking cigarettes.
Do you have any message or advice for our readers or us? Find time to enjoy the pure nature in Kausani. I would advice everyone to come to Kausani and feel the beauty of this place.
Kiran, 41 years old, Hill Queen Restaurant, Kausani, Uttaranchal.
8th October 2002.

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