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Part of a class at the Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe-Institut), New Delhi
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Buneet's class of German learners at the Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe-Institut), New Delhi
Thanks to Mr. Schweppe and Mrs. Buneet we had the possibility to join one lesson in an advanced German learning class. We enjoyed it very much to talk with young Indians about India and Germany.

"Germany has a drinking culture."

Facing a group of people we did not go through all of our interview. We asked them what they like about India and Delhi and wanted to know their opinion about Germany. Furthermore we talked with them about their opinion about Germany and the differences in the culture of these countries. Find following a collection of statements.

Germany has a drinking culture. "Was willst du trinken (what would you like to drink)?" is often asked and everyone is disappointed when I just ask for water. Unfortunately it is difficult to get water without gas.
At the beginning I was always hungry in Germany. There's just one hot meal per day. But now I like potatoes, rolls, asparagus and German salad.
What I like especially about Germany is that there is less noise than in India, so much green all around and the culture of coffee drinking.
I enjoyed hiking through the alps. This encouraged me to do the same here in India, in the Himalaya.

There are so many elderly people in Germany. India is full of children, even in small and remote villages.

Ich would like to travel to Berlin and see the relicts of the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburger Tor.

I would like to visit the book fair in Frankfurt.

I would like to study geography in Germany. Koeln is the town I would prefer because some relatives live there.

I would like to take part in a German Inline Skating event.

I like the food, the big variety of vegetarian food and the fact that they are prepared with fresh ingredients.

I like Delhi, the mixture of traditional indian and western life. The roads are wide and in a good shape. And there are also green areas in the city. In march the city is full of flowers. There is huge variety of cultural events.

We in India have not much criminality.

In India people get up early in the morning.

About India I like the people and the variety of religions and cultures.

In India people usually live together with their family. There's no other social security system.

Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, India.
January, 7th 2003.

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