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Partha & Barnali Partha & Barnali
It was the Anasakti Ashram in Kausani where we have met Partha and his wife Barnali. They have spent their holidays in the mountains for recovering from the busy area of Kolkata.

Partha: You should feel that you are one. There is no difference between nature, human beings and everything else.
Barnali: I wish that there is no difference between people and between different countries.

Where are you born? What do you like about the place/country? Partha: I was born in Kalkutta. It's now far away and I can not tell anything about this place.
Barnali: I was born in Asansol, 200km away from Kalkutta. For me it's the same like for Partha, I can not tell anything about this place.
Where do you live now? What do you like about this town/area? Now we are living in Naihati, close to Kalkutta. Partha: I like the nature and landscape, the open fields and the ganges. And I like my friends and likeminded people.
Barnali: I like the people I meet here.
What do you like about india? Partha: I like very much the philosophy of oneness, Advaita Vedanta (a sanskrit word).
Barnali: I like the culture and the friendship between the people and the way we are living together in the family.
Do you know anything about Germany? If so, what? Partha & Barnali: Germans are hard working people, eager to win. They are mentally and physically very strong.
What do you like to celebrate? What is your favorite holiday or celebrating occasion? Partha: I do not like big sound and light. I prefer to celebrate the birth of Sri Aurobindo in 1945 in a peaceful way by praying.
Barnali: I like sound and light and like to celebrate Durga Puja, a very colourful hindu festival which is celebrated in Bengali on 4-5 days in October.
Have you traveled before? We travel sometimes to the mountains of Uttaranchal. Our farest travel was to Pondicherry to visit the ashram of Sri Aurobinda.
Where would you like to go next? Partha: In former times I wanted to travel around the world with my motorbike. But as I was concentrating more and more on philosphy in the last years I just look for calm places where nobody disturbes me.
Barnali: I still want to see the whole world. Therefore I often whatch the discovery channel on TV.
What means of transportations do you normally use? Partha: I go by foot, take the bicycle and sometimes the steam boat to get to work. For other occasions I use my motorcycle.
Barnali: I stay at home.
Do you live with other people? Currently we live together with the parents of Partha, so we are four people. But in two weeks we will move to our own appartment and be then just two persons.

What do you especially like to do? Alone? With your family/friends? Partha> When I am alone I like to study philosophy. I like very much to discuss about philosophy with friends, family and likeminded people.
Barnali: I like to whatch TV and to read books. Together with friends and the family I like to discuss all kinds of things.
What event during the last week was especially nice? Partha: To stay at the Mayawati Ashram, a very isolated place with just some monks. We enjoyed it both very much.
Which event in your life has moved you? Partha:There was I time I was thinking much about why I am in this world. And for a long time I couldn't find an answer. Then I found book from Sri Aurobinda and after 30 Minutes it was clear to me that this book will provide me with all answers. Then I joined the Shree Aurobinda ashram for one month, but was sent away after one month to become more mature. At this point my philosophical studies started.
What would be your fondest wish? Partha: I want to be an economically free police officer. And I would like to live in Pondicherry in the ashram of Aurobinda because it is the ideal society. I wish that everyone could feel that we are one.
Barnali: I would like to have a child.
Partha: We are thinking different about moving to Pondicherry. But Baranali wants a child and I want our child to grow up in this ideal society to become a strong man. In this point we agree.
Do you have any message or advice for our readers or us? Partha: You should feel that you are one. There is no difference between nature, human beings and everything else.
Barnali: I wish that there is no difference between people and between different countries.
Partha, 32, Barnali, 28 years old, Anasakti Ashram, Kausani, Uttaranchal, India.
29th November 2002.
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