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Prasad and Kunal Prasad and Kunal
We have met Prasad and Kunal in the Netcafe in Aurangabad. The next day we have enjoyed together a visit to the Ellora Caves and the dinner.

Prasad & Kunal:
"We would like to travel all over the world."
Where are you born? What do you like of this town/area/country? We were both born and we live in Aurangabad. It's a big city. The people's nature is good, they help each other. The weather is very good and we have fresh air and fresh water.

We like the indian culture and how the people respect each other. And we like the way indian's dress (dhoti, kurta, sarees). Furthermore we like the classical music and dancing.
Do you have an idea of Germany? No idea. We have never met german people before.
What events are you celebrating? Prasad: Diwali, a nationwide festival with lots of flowers and fireworks. I like it, because I get new clothes for this festival.
Kunal: I like Kojagiri. On this festival we drink milk through the whole night and we dance the whole night. It`s a lot of fun. This festival was just yesterday.
Did you ever travel? No.
Where would you like to go? Prasad: Switzerland, USA, Paris, Europe and the whole world.
Kunal: Latin America and the whole world.
How do you usually move yourself? With my motorbike.
Do you live with other people? Prasad: I live with my parents and one brother.
Kunal: I live with my parents, one sister, one brother
What are you doing in your leisure time? Prasad: Singing songs and playing violin and flute.
Kunal: Cricket, football, volleyball
Which very good experience did or do you enjoy in your life? Prasad: To meet you is a very good experience for me.
Once I was scared to sing on a stage and forgot my lines. But I managed the situation and after this practise I am able to perform better. Furthermore I have found my girlfriend after this experience.
Another nice experience was during my 11th class, when 5-10 girls where interested in being my girlfriend.
Kunal: Getting my girlfriend. The first time I met her at school.
Do you have one or more special wishes? Prasad: I would like to become a big singer or a big actor.
Kunal: I would like to become a big businessman
Prasad, 17 years old, College Student in Aurangabad, Maharashtra,
20th October 2002.
Kunal, 19 years old, College Student in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 20th October 2002.

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