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Saji Saji
We have met Saji at the Tourist Office in Kovalam, South India. We just wanted some practical informations but finally talked for hours about our countries and the cultural differences. Thank you Saji.

"We can learn a lot by watching the family. The family is like the fingers at a hand, all are different."

Where are you born? What do you like of this town/area/country? I was born in Kovalam. I like the tourism here. That people are coming from all over the world. And I like the indian culture and the diversity of all religions. I am hindu, but I am going to mosques or churches as well. The hindi religion does not provide strict rules, you have to develop your own visions and interpretations. Everyone has the chance to pick up the good things of his religion (and the bad things). I can decide on my own what`s good and what`s bad. For good visions you don`t have to be well educated, but education helps to conduct experiments. And if suitable we can adapt things from europe. Joy is based on your heart and mind, not on luxury. Money is necessary to live, but it does not make happy.

In India the family is important. Sometimes 65 people are living together at one place. Family is heaven. Grandparents educate the children traditionally. We can learn a lot by watching the family. The family is like the fingers at a hand, all are different.
Do you have an idea of Germany? It is a very good country, concerning e.g. the culture, economics, freedom and independancy (which is a difference to india).
What events are you celebrating? Onam - State festival in Kerala
Birthday - just a little bit (nice dinner)
What was your farest travel? Uttar Pradesh (northern State of India, about 3.000 km away).
What was your nicest travel? At a time I was not able to keep on studying at school and I began to explore my local environement by numerous daytrips in walking distance and learned totally different things than at school, e.g. how to climb a coconut tree. I enjoyed this very much. After about one year I went back to another university and finished my studies very sucessfully.
Where would you like to go? Neyyar Dam (Hill resort in the Kerala mountains).
How do you usually move yourself? To go to work I walk far about 15 minutes. Sometimes I take the bus to go to Thiruvananthapuram (about 15 Kilometres away).
Do you live with other people? I live with my parents, two brothers and my sister.
What are you doing in your leisure time? Playing soccer with friends.
Which very good experience did or do you enjoy in your life? Going to a temple, especially the Shri Panduanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram. My favored god is Shiva, the god of nature and the total universe. The love of my mother.
Do you have one or more special wishes? Formerly I wanted to become a lawyer. Now I`d like to become a tourist manager.
Is there something you would like to tell us and the readers of the "Album amicorum"? Pure love is the maximum you can yearn. It is the real thing.
Saji N., 23 years old, Tourist Advisor in Kovalam, South India,
3rd October 2002.

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