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Hoa Hoa
She's the very friendly and helpful receptionist at our hotel in Dalat. And she is as interested in Germany as we are in Vietnam.

"I'd like to know everything about Germany."

Where are you born? What do you like about the place/country? I was born in the town of Nui Thanh, in Quang Nam province, in central Vietnam. I lived there for 11 years, before my parents decided to move to Bao Loc. In my hometown I liked very much swimming at the beautiful and unspoiled Beach. Nowadays there are lots of new buildings and I don't like the beach as much as during my childhood.
Where do you live now? What do you like about this town/area? During secondary and high school I lived in Bao Loc. Since the age of 18 I moved to Dalat for joining the university here. The weather in Dalat is very pleasant, it's quite cool. I like most the daytime between 5 and 6:30 pm. During the night and the morning it is too cold.
The people are very friendly here. It's not like in Saigon, where you don't know your neighbours. If I go out in Dalat I meet a lot of people to talk to or just to smile at and greet.
In Vietnam traditions are still living. E.g. the beautiful costumes of the women (ao dai) which are worn at certain events and by all female highschool students.
I am very happy about the way the government rules the country, makes the life safe and keeps war away from us.
Do you know anything about Germany? If so, what? I've heard about germany in the past but it's long time ago and I can not remember anymore. But I am very interested to hear about your country.
What do you like to celebrate? I'm not fond of any celebrations. But I am looking forward to a wedding of a good friend after some days which gives me the opportunity to meet relatives and friends I did not see for a long time. In general I think it's good that each country has some public holidays during a year. This provides the people with some time to rest. In Vietnam this is mainly the Tet festival.
Have you travelled before? I have been to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Bao Loc and Dalat. I like Dalat most.
Where would you like to go next? I would like to see the Mui Ne Beach and would like to see Hoi An. I don't know about foreign countries so I can not tell which country is of interest for me.
What means of transportation do you normally use? I like walking. As long as I was studying I used to walk to the university. Now I use mostly the motorbike. But I am afraid of the traffic, especially after my accident last year, when I broke my leg.
With how many people do you live together? I live alone in one small room with basic furniture and share the toilet and the bathroom with three other persons.
What do you especially like to do? Alone? With your family/friends? For example I just walk around, which sometimes makes me sad when I see other couples. Or I go to a coffee shop and think about things that move me. I like to meet my boyfriend and invite him to walk around. And I enjoy picknick with him, sometimes with someone else. I prefer to be together just with one other persons, otherwise the conversation gets too confused.
What event during the last week(s) was especially nice? A good friend visited me recently in Dalat for two days. We visited the Flower Garden, the Valley of Love and went out for Karaoke.
What event in your live has moved you? There was nothing special in my life.
What would be your fondest wish? I'd like to find a suitable job for me where I can use the english language. This could be in the tourism sector or at a foreign company. I would like to earn just enough money for my life. Not too much, I'm afraid that would change the character. And I would like to get married and have a happy family with two children.
Do you have any message or advice for our readers or us? Your action affects how the people react. If you smile they will smile as well. Make other people happy and you will be happy.
Hoa, 22 years old, Dalat, Vietnam.
6th May 2003.

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