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Hue. Hue
It's difficult to find german books in Vietnam. Except in the Khan Hoa province library in Nha Trang. Mr. Hue is the very friendly and helpful (and german speaking) director.

"All nations shall have an understanding for the others."

Where are you born? What do you like about the place/country? Nha Trang is my hometown and I still live here. I like this city the most of all cities in Vietnam. The weather is very pleasant here. The islands before the coast protect the city from heavy taiphoons. It's good that a lot of tourists visit Nha Trang. Currently there is a new airport build, on international standards. And there are plans for building a new harbour, so that even very big ships like oil tankers can use it.
Nha Trang is the captial of the Khan Hoa province. I like the landscape here, the rivers, the mountains. The forests in the Khan Hoa province contain a lot of very valuable trees. Before 1965 there have been also a lot of tigers. Unfortunately nowadays they nearly completely disappeared.
You can see relicts of the Champs who lived here since many centuries. You can visit temples and see sculptures of them. There are still Cham people living, but mainly south of Khan Hoa province.
Do you know anything about Germany? If so, what? I know Germany very well. From 1955 I lived for 5 years in the beautiful german town of Dresden. Germany is a beautiful and impressive country. I enjoyed the landscape while driving on the highway. I like the landscape and the changes with the seasons, especially the colourful trees at autumn. There are many old castles and old houses where people live in a lovely way.
I like to speak german and I like to read about the live of important german poets, musicians and philosophers like Goethe, Schiller, Heinrich Heine and others.
The bockwurst is my favorite german dish. I enjoyed it especially in Nuernberg, together with the german beer. But I also like to drink the apple or cherry juice. And I love the uncooked "Kohlrabi" and Radish.
What do you like to celebrate? We celebrate christmas and easter. Birthday we usually do not celebrate. But we think at someone at the date when this person passed away.
On 14th of april this year we have celebrated the 350th anniversary of the founding of Nha Trang.
At the 30th of April we celebrate the liberation of the south of Vietnam in the year of 1975. Every 10 ears there are public celebrations including performances on a stage and fireworks.
The 1st of May is the international labour day.
The 8th of March is the international womans day. Woman do not have to work and get flowers. Often they make a short trip.
On the 19th of May it's the birthday of Ho Chi Minh. But it's no public holiday.
The 2nd of September is a national holiday because Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the independent Vietnam.
Have you travelled before? I have been to China and Germany. I have enjoyed most the journey to Germany by train, which took 17 days.
Where would you like to go next? I would like to meet friends in Germany. And I would like to see other countries in and around europe about which I have read in their history. First of all Italy, but also Greece and the pyramids of Egypt. I have seen on TV that they have found a new tomb. The near east is interesting for me because it's the origin of the 1001 nights.
What means of transportation do you normally use? I use my motorbike.
With how many people do you live together? I live together with my wife and my two children.
What do you especially like to do? Alone? With your family/friends? When I am alone I spend my time with reading, collecting stamps and listening to vietnamese and foreign classical music.
Together with others I like to watch football on TV, which is no fun if I would do it alone. Unfortunately Tiger Beer and Heineken finance only the transmission of the english league (and not also the german).
What event during the last week(s) was especially nice? I enjoyed to have dinner with german friends. And I received some beautiful stamps from a friend in Denmark (a wonderful gift).
What event in your live has moved you? Difficult to say.
What would be your fondest wish? I love flowers, but currently I don't have the time to take care of flowers. So I am looking forward to my retirement to use my little garden outside of Nha Trang to breed flowers and fruit trees.
And I wish that people live together peacefully.
Do you have any message or advice for our readers or us? I had experienced the war in Vietnam. I have seen how a whole school class and people in a factory died because of american bombs and chemicals. And I nearly died several times. But we should not look just into the past. It's more important to look in the future.
Each country should be independent. There is nothing more important than freedom and independency. And not one nation is superior to another. But all nations shall have an understanding for the others. Therefore tourism is very good, because it supports the understanding about other people and other cultures. Education is so important. The young people should learn, learn, learn. And if possible for them they should travel to other countries.
Hue, 58 years old, Nha Trang, Vietnam.
28th April 2003.

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