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Liem Liem
Liem is a brillant cook and even if he only talks about vietnamese cooking you suddenly feel very hungry. He invited us to a delicious breakfast.

"No fighting."

Where are you born? What do you like about the place/country? I was born in Dai Lanh. It is a small fishing village at the coast. I like the landscape and the beautiful beach, perfect for playing football. The water is so clear. Most people in Dai Lanh live on fishing.
In Vietnam I like the traditional customs. The vietnamese peoples hearts are good, they like peace, they are friendly, they like to be invited and to give warm hospitality. They care for each other. But I feel sorry for the little education of many people.
Where do you live now? What do you like about this town/area? I still live in Dai Lanh, but I go around, e.g. to Hoi An. I want to learn and study by myself. I want to improve my English and therefore I like to speak to tourists. And I want to know, how they feel about Vietnam and how they would be treated to feel comfortable.
Do you know anything about Germany? If so, what? Football (Bayern Muenchen), east & west, Berlin Wall, some historical facts.
What do you like to celebrate? Tet Festival. It is the biggest festival in Vietnam. Everyone rushes home, even if she or he is far away. Everyone wears new clothes, the houses are beautifully decorated. And everyone is just happy, drinking and celebrating. It means bad luck for the next year if something bad happens, so everyone is nice to each other and is lucky. The festival lasts from three to seven days.

National Day, 5th of May

Birthday, I don`t celebrate it every year, but sometimes I invite some friends for food, beer and of course a cake.

Wedding parties.
Have you travelled before? Yes, to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and to the Central Highlands.
Where would you like to go next? I would like to go to the north of Vietnam, to Halong Bay. To other countries? China.
What means of transportation do you normally use? The motorbike
With how many people do you live together? With seven, four more brothers and sisters and my parents. I am the oldest one.
What do you especially like to do? Alone? With your family/friends? When I am alone I like to read or just walk around. I like to meet friends just for chatting. And I like billard and cooking.
What event during the last week was especially nice? Going out, meet different people on wedding parties. I learn a lot from foreign friends. I am lucky to meet them, so I can speak English.
What event in your live has moved you? I haven` t got a girl-friend, but maybe this would be an event...
What would be your fondest wish? Vietnam has been in many wars. I really like peace. The vietnamese people love peace. Everybody should love peace. No fighting.
Health. We have got to prevent many diseases, be aware of them.
Do you have any message or advice for our readers or us? I like tourists to come to Vietnam and one time should not be the last time.
Liem, 26 years old, Hoi An, Vietnam.
16th April 2003.

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