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Nam Nam
Would anyone expect this saigon woman speaking german? We have been quite surprised as she talked to us at the parking area behind the municipal theatre.

"Listen carefully to what people say."

Where are you born? What do you like about the place/country? I was born in Danang and lived there for 14 years. About Danang I like most the nearby mountains (Ba Na, Nam Moc).
Where do you live now? What do you like about this town/area? In 1992 as my father found a job in Ho Chi Minh City we moved here. Ho Chi Minh City is noisy and busy. I like that. And I like the weather and my office job.
Do you know anything about Germany? If so, what? In Germany there are a lot of Universities, e.g. in Bochum, Dresden, Hamburg and Munich. I would like to study in Germany. Or in Austria, because an aunt of mine lives in Salzburg. But my mother does not want me to go. She thinks, my aunt has three children and I would be the fourth for her. But my aunt wants me to come to Salzburg. I am learning german at an foreign language school since 1998.
What do you like to celebrate? I like the Tet Festival, the family comes together, celebrates at home. And I like the April 30th, the Liberation Day. On Liberation Day I meet friends. We go out to drink some coffee or go to the cinema. Last year we went to Dalat for April 30th and the May 1st, the Labour Day. Also on Christmas I go out with friends.
Have you travelled before? My farest travel was to the North of Vietnam, to Hanoi and Sapa. In Sapa I went to the famous Market of Cha Tinh. My favorite travel was to Hue and Long An. In Hue I like the pagodas and the palaces.
Where would you like to go next? I would like to go to Japan, because of the flowers (Anh Dao). And I would like to see the Mount Everest. I like hiking.
What means of transportation do you normally use? Motorbike, bicycle, by foot.
With how many people do you live together? I have two brothers and six sisters. These days we are six, my parents, three of my sisters and me.
What do you especially like to do? Alone? With your family/friends? When I am alone I like to read newspapers. I listen to music and like to watch the Discovery Channel on TV.

With friends I like to cook or to travel. Staying with my family at our parking area is another favorite way to spend my time. We watch motorbikes and bicycles. It is very busy and I meet a lot of people there.
What event during the last week(s) was especially nice? In the evenings I helped my family at the Parking area. It is very busy and I have met a lot of people there, like you.
What event in your live has moved you? The most important thing for me is to know, that my family loves me. And I enjoy very much to meet my family, be together and have a nice meal.
What would be your fondest wish? I'd like to study more. I would like to make the "Master of Finance", if possible in Germany or Austria.
Do you have any message or advice for our readers or us? I try to listen carefully to what other people say in order to give the suitable answer.
Dang Thi Hoai Nam, 26 years old, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
23th May 2003.

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