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Phuc Phuc
We have met Phuc in our guesthouse in Qui Nhon and had a lot of fun by trying to learn at least some Vietnamese language.

"The minority people have a very good organisation of their villages."

Where are you born? What do you like about the place/country? I was born in Hue City. I like Hue because of the beautiful landscape and the culture. There is the perfume river and the citadelle. In Hue you can find a lot of historical places. And the food is very good.
Where do you live now? What do you like about this town/area? Today I live in Kon Tum. About the Central Highlands and Kon Tum I like the landscape and the people. There are a lot of minority people. They have a very good organization of the village life. For example in every village there is a Rong House. In the Rong House there is the community office of the village. It is a meeting point and the place for all the festivals. I like that very much.
The weather in the Central Highlands is not so hot, rather dry. We have four seasons in one day. From May to August is the wet season.
Do you know anything about Germany? If so, what? I have studied some history, therefore I know of Hitler.
I know about German football teams. I think Germany is a beautiful country because of the seasons and the sea in the north.
What do you like to celebrate? Tet Festival. This very special festival of vietnamese people last for two to three days. We celebrate it every new lunar year. Originally it comes from China.

Birthday. I invite some friends, we sing and dance, I get some gifts and a birthday cake.

Christmas Day. We go to a picnic over night, have dinner, sit around, go to church, meet some friends.

International women day, on the 8th of March. I make some gifts for my mother, sisters, girlfriends. Also on the 20th of October, the vietnamese women day.
Have you travelled before? Yes, my farest travel was to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The living conditions and the live style is different from other parts of Vietnam. But I don't like the organisation of the city. It is so busy.
My nicest travel in Vietnam: I like the Hai Van Pass. The view is so beautiful.
What means of transportation do you normally use? When I work in Qui Nhon I use the bicycle. In Kon Tum I use the bicycle and the motorbike. For long trips I take the bus or the train.
With how many people do you live together? With seven people, 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters and my parents. I am the oldest one.
What do you especially like to do? Alone? With your family/friends? When I am alone I like to walk around looking at everything just to relax. For morning exercises I like to ride the bicycle.
With friends I like to go out to have some coffee, play football or make bicycle races.
What event during the last week was especially nice? I had a very good time with an australian couple. They are about 60 years old and visited Qui Nhon. I went with them to my hometown and showed them some other places in the highlands. We had a very good time together.
What event in your live were especially nice? Some Christmas and Tet celebrations were very nice.
Passing the examination for university was very important for me. I spent a lot of time for studying and was very afraid of failing. There were more than 3000 people and only 70 people passed. Therefore this was a very happy time for me. I want to be an english teacher.
What would be your fondest wish? Happiness and peace for my family and everyone. In the future I would like to be successful in my job. And I hope to have a good family in the future.
Do you have any message or advice for our readers or us? We should be aware of what we are doing to other people. So that we don't hurt others and have to feel sad and sorry.
Phuc, 24 years old, Quin Nhon, Vietnam.
18th April 2003.

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