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Album Amicorum Online Interview
Imagine somebody reads the Album Amicorum because he or she wants to learn something about the people in your country. What would you like to tell them?

(If you don't know what to answer just step to the next question.)

Where I was born. What I like about this city / country.

Where I live. What I like about this city / country.

This is my picture about (or experience with) Germany:

What I celebrate and my favorite celebrations:

This is how I celebrate:

Where I already have been:

My nicest and my farest journey:

Where I would like to go next:

Everyday life
My means of transportation:
on foot; by bicycle; by car; by bus/train;

With these people I live together:

What I like to do (alone and together with others):

An especially nice event during the last weeks:

An especially nice or important event in my life:

My biggest wish:

What I would like to tell you and the readers of the album amicorum:

What else I would like to tell about myself, e.g. family, children, profession, ...:

Name:    Age:  Sex:  woman; man
My e-mail adress:
Adress (if you want):
I agree with the publication yes no

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