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Take part!
Join in! Every entry is a contribution of friendship from the cultures of the world. During our trip we will add new interviews to the digital world book of friendship. We would be pleased to hear from you, too. Take part!

This is how it works. There are three possibilities:
A) Online: Here you find the Album Amicorum Online-Questionnaire

B) Written version:
Print the following pdf-document questionnaire (pdf, 60 KB), add your answers and mail it to us.

C) E-Mail version:
Highlight and copy the Album Amicorum questionnaire. Open your e-mail program and paste the questions. Fill in your answers and e-mail it to us. Your e-mail program opens here.

If you want to we will publish your interview on our homepage. This way our world book of friendship grows person by person.

We are happy to hear about your ideas and your criticism. Here you can contact us.

Album Amicorum Interview

Where were you born? What do you like about the place/country?

Where do you live now? What do you like about this place/country?

Do you know anything about Germany? If so, what?

What do you like to celebrate? What is your favorite holiday or celebrating occasion? Why? How?

Have you ever traveled before? If yes, which journey was ...
   the nicest?
   the furthest?
Where would you like to go next?

What means of transportation do you normally use?
( ) on foot; ( ) by bicycle; ( ) by car; ( ) by bus/train; ( ) other:

With how many people are you living together? Who (relatives, children, friends, ...)

What do you especially like to do
   with friends/relatives?

What event during the last weeks was especially nice to you?

What event in your life has moved you?

What would be your biggest wish?

Do you have any advice/message for our readers or us?

Please tell us something about yourself, e.g. family, children, job, ...

Date of birth:
( ) Man; ( ) Woman
Adress (if you want to):
I agree that this interview will be published ( ) yes ( ) no

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