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(reportes en aleman)

Equipo de viaje

Fotos de la Europa

Equipo de viaje (traduccion mas tarde)
What do you take with you on your trip? One of the most common questions. Here's are some answers:

The bicycles
Our bicycles have took us through a lot of european countries. But for the big journey we need new ones. With the support of Werner Kropf of TransVelo we upgraded two bikes with high end compartments. I fixed the spokes in the wheels on my own at the TransVelo shop and changed several other parts. Werner and his partner Karin supported us not only concerning the bikes but provided us also with hints for south east asia and prepared a wonderful indian meal. Thanks to Werner and Karin!

Werner and Uwe while fixing the spokes

Trangia Kocher und Solarschäumer
Sleeping bags and cooker
Which sleeping bag to take? For south east asia plastic fibre is useful. But compared with a down sleeping bag the size and weight is horrible for cyclers. Dirk Erlenkämper of meilenweit had the solution: Carinthia Lite 1000, able to be zipped together! With 1.300 g useful for three seasons and quite compressible. And with the Z-Rest Iso-mat of Therma-a-Rest we are also happy with the comfort of the underground. For cooking we use the MSR Whisperlite 600 International, which can be run by nearly all kinds of fuel without making too much noise.

Tent and more
A lot of money for a small tent. But it provides us with the best ratio of weight and size. Therefore we decided to take the Hilleberg Nallo 2, that furthermore is made of the best material. A forehead torch with powersaving LED's, but also with a halogen light and very fashionable fleece-jumpers (warm and leight-weight) are also in our equipment. All purchased while waiting for the visas for india at Globetrotter Equipment in Frankfurt, Germany.

Packed Equipment